vrijdag 25 december 2015

Vrolijk Kerstmis !

Vrolijk Kerstmis !
Heb je 't gehoord vannacht?
Dat was beslist the Kerstman
Die kadootjes bracht
Ik heb maar niet gekeken
Want stel je maar eens voor
Dat hij me toch zag gluren
Dan ging hij er misschien vandoor !
                                Carry W. Zijlstra van Dijk
Merry Christmas !
The very dearest man,
You could every meet,
He delivers presents quickly,
To each and every street,
Don't think he ever grumbles,
At the work he has to do,
He knows that every child on Earth,
Is waiting for him passing through,
So as the world is sleeping,
He's darting here and there,
You'll never catch a glimpse of him,
No matter how hard you stare,
He's here and gone in a moment,
In the twinkling of an eye,
He's jumped right back upon his sleigh,
And is riding through the sky.

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